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FABLAB Astrakhan
FABLAB Astrakhan

The usage of electric vehicles in the parks and embankments

Every day in the evening embankments and parks are enlivened by the appearance of a huge number of people, who walk in the fresh air all year round. This event is massive in warm weather, not to mention the summer evenings. Every summer day, as soon as the Astrakhan heat subsides, people leave their homes and go to admire the river or sea views and green parks. Young people and old people discuss the previous day, sitting on the benches, and some more gambling decide to try their luck in outdoor play. Sometimes the crowds appear with a guide, telling them the story of the city. Tired and exhausted tourists often do not pay attention to the stories. This phenomenon occurs in all cities of Russia, not to mention the resort cities. But with the advent of new electric cars in the parks and embankments in the near future, things can change for the better. We present "BravoMotors" electric cars for parks and embankments.

Excursions will no longer be debilitating! Passenger Bravomobils (electric vehicles from "BravoMotors") for 6, 8 or 12 people can travel free around the embankments or park, delighting tourists with the beauty of the city and interesting stories of guides. These electric cars can be taken up by travel agencies for tours of the city. Also, small comfortable Bravomobils for fewer seats may please every visitor of the park or the embankment with the walk.

Electric car is very easy to operate, and it most likely you will not have any difficulties with it. An electric car is much lighter than an ordinary, so it in no way harms pavements on waterfront or tiled walkways in the park. Also, do not forget that the electric car is an environmentally friendly type of transport, as it does not produce any emissions, more than that it has no internal combustion engine. These vehicles are powered by a rechargeable battery, which is enough to run up to 60 km. After the discharge the battery needs charging. Full charge of Bravomobil from ordinary electrical outlet lasts 8 hours. It is also worth noting that electric vehicles do not produce virtually any noise except the sound of friction of wheels on the road, so walks on Bravomobil will not deliver any inconvenience to others, in fact not even disturb them.

Bravomobils of small capacity also can be used by the police to patrol the area of embankments and parks, so the electric car can be main assistant in supervision order in public places. Maximum speed of Bravomobils is 35 km / h, which will help to catch up the fleeing hoodlums. In the near future, "BravoMotors" is also planning to manufacture electric cutters for boat trips on the river and through the channels of Astrakhan. The emergence of such electric cutters can initiate an unusual boat trip along the channels of the city, which can please not only the tourists, but the indigenous people of Astrakhan.




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20.10.2014Bravo eGo is back from Open innovation - 2014

Bravo Motors Team is back from the annual forum "Open Innovation" in Moscow (October 14-16), where a slightly modified version of the current trike (blue) was presented. More information about the forum, the new status of the project and much more is available here:

22.07.2014Bravo eGo got "Prize of the spectator sympathies" medal at Innoprom-2014 international exhibition

The second version of our transforming electric car Bravo eGo was presented at the Innoprom 2014 international exhibition and, by results of visitors voting, our electric car won "Prize of Spectator Sympathies" medal and diploma.

29.01.2014Bravo Сolibri 8 golfcar took part in Geek Picnic

Our Bravo Colibri 8 golfcar showed its features and carried prospects during the European's largest anuual festival of science, modern tech and arts - Geek Picnic

17.09.2013eTrike took part in Selias-2013 International Forum

All participants of Selias-2013 forum could take photo and sit inside our eTrike. Some of them could even test-drive it. Additionally, our engineers showed some figures of higher aerobatics, racing up and down stairs of Azimut hotel.

18.08.2013"Smart" makes eTrike even smarter

Moscow engeneers from SMART engeneering center took active part in pre-series development of eTrike. "Smart" has already provided his expertise on our technologies and will soon help in preparing electric vehicle for road safety certification tests.

16.08.2013Governor Alexander Zhilkin took test drive of eTrike and became one of the first customers

Governor of Astrakhan region Alexander Zhilkin took test drive of our transforming electric car and decided to purchase one of the first series models for himself. Read what Alexander Zhilkin told of eTrike

12.08.2013Partnership established with RoboCV

Bravo Motors company signed an agreement with RoboCV company to partner and provide auto pilot and driver assist systems being developed by RoboCV to the owners of our electric vehicles.

18.07.2013NTV reportage about eTrike

See it on NTV

25.06.2013eTrike starred in Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum

eTrike prototype was presented on 20-22 of June in ХVII Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum and attracted a lot of attention of guestd and participants of Forum as well as press and TV. During three days more than 300 visitors took photo of themselves near and inside our electric car. We were interviewed by more than 20 TV channels and newspapers. Rossiyskaya Gazeta even made photo of our eTrike to be the title of the article about the whole Forum.

11.06.2013eTrike project won second place in EcoSummit Berlin

Projects from Germany, France, USA, Japan, Netherlands, Russia and other countries took part in "green" thecnologies competition.Read more on EcoSummit web site

28.05.2013Our eTrike project took first place in Skolkovo Startup Village!

eTrike project won in Skolkovo Startup Village and took first place among more than 2000 projects submitted to competition and 200 projects participated in pitch session in Skolkovo. Forbes named our project the best Russian startup.

03.05.2013Our eTrike on the Russia 2 TV channel

Watch the topic on the

29.04.2013Report about our eTrike on Russia 24

Russia 24 TV Channel showed a story about our company and publicly demonstrated our new project - eTrike for the first time. Watch on


We publicly presented the prototype of eTrike for the first time on "Days of Innovation" held in Astrakhan and according to the results of the contest were awarded a diploma "Investment attractive innovative project." e-Trike project on VC Day Ingria

Our e-Trike project was ranked third among 80 participants and the 20 finalists in the invest-session VC Day Ingria, and wrote about it.

21.10.2012Russia 24 TV Channel about "Bravo Motors"

Russia 24 TV Channel showed 10-minute report about our company. Watch the report online.


An article about "Bravo Motors", our products and technologies was published in the "Expert" magazine. Go to the article "Electric Vehicle leaves Astrakhan"

29.03.2012Speech at the Business Forum

Konstantin Artemiev, General Director of Bravo Motors, addressed the business forum "The new automobile in Russia", held on 29th of March in Moscow, Holiday Inn Lesnaya. Participants of the forum were shown the Bravo Motors technology, the existing model series and also our vision for the future of electric cars and hybrids in Russia. In addition, Konstantin Artemiev slightly lifted the veil on our new project of personal vehicles in the modern city.

24.01.2012Gift to doctors

Bravo Motors released a range of medical and health Bravo Medic electric car specifically for the needs of hospitals and health institutions.

10.01.2012New models for the new year!

Bravo Motors has launched a new series of light pleasure electric golf cars - Bravo Colibri.

27.12.2011Report about Bravo Motors on Russia-2

The report about the Bravo Motors was shown in the news section of the federal Russia-2 TV channel.

19.12.2011The governor personally commended on the new model of our electric car

Alexander Zhilkin, Governor of Astrakhan Region, personally drove a new model of Bravo Prestige 4 +2 and appreciated the high level of comfort and smoothness of Bravo Motors electric production.


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PDF Medic series (199 Кб)
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